Armenian Resolution:Democrats Commit their Own Genocide

By Con George-Kotzabasis 

 Only someone with the chutzpah of intellectual arrogance and a parvenu to boot in realpolitik and foreign affairs could be behind such a remarkably doltish resolution that puts an arrow through the heart of a much needed ally, such as Turkey, at a time when the US is engaged in war in the Middle East.

The Democrats with this resolution, from Lantos to Pelosi and Reid, have shown themselves to be immaculate political tyros in the affairs of foreign policy and war. They have committed by the passing of this resolution their own genocide. The “genocide” of the alliance with Turkey, which is so vital to America’s foreign policy interests in the Middle East, and to the protection of US troops in Iraq whose major part of supplies for fighting the war come through Turkey.

By the passing of this totally irresponsible resolution the Democrats have cancelled themselves out  from governing the country at this critical time when America confronts and fights a mortal foe. And the Lantos’ resolution will go down in the annals of American politics as the great caricature that it’s in statecraft. The Democrats in their manic run to force Bush to withdraw from Iraq, have stabbed in the back the sons and daughters of America who are fighting and winning the war under their superb commander David Petraeus, to achieve their treacherous and despicable goal. 

~ by kotzabasis on October 15, 2007.

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