De-Baathification and the Intellectually Rattled American Liberals

By Con George-Kotzabasis

The intellectual usurpers, a la professor Juan Cole, totally discredited by their doom say scenarios about the war in Iraq now that the war is being won under the strong and imaginative leadership of General Petraeus, are cognitively ‘exiled’ in the desert island named quibbling. They can quibble as much as they like as who were the ‘spearheads’ of the de-Baathification legislation when actually the latter opens the door to Baathists,  who formerly held government positions in the Saddam regime, to enter the present Malaki government, which is a crucial step toward the reconciliation of the country.

The reason why liberals consider de-Baathification a failure is because the initiator of the process has been Ahmed Chalabi, the eminence grise  who influenced the Bush administration through his contacts in the Pentagon to invade Iraq which according to them was strategically and militarily a complete failure, and whom the ‘darling boy’ of the liberals Steven Clemons calls “the greatest villain of the Iraq war”. The fact is however, that the de-Baathification legislation is the first door of many that is opening the nation toward the difficult course of political reconciliation between the two major factions, the Shias and the Sunnis, rendering to the latter the opportunity to be reinstated in their former government positions.

Moreover, the fact that both General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker have applauded the passing of the legislation, speaks volumes of being a great achievement. As neither of them could be so imprudent to jeopardize their great success in winning the war against the insurgents and al-Qaeda by precipitately picking a ‘political loser’, that is a legislation that happened to be a failure. One would challenge all the critics of the legislation to answer why Petraeus and Crocker would back a failed legislation and risk of irreversibly vitiating their glorious success on the battlefront.

All the quibbling and lamentations of the liberals about the sire of the de-Baathification legislation is a most clear indication that the American liberals are intellectually rattled by lamentably losing their argument on the Iraq war. And the fact, as I stated in an essay of mine exactly one year ago, that 2007 would be Bush’s Annus Mirabilis on the war.  

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~ by kotzabasis on March 7, 2008.

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