Scorpion of Racism Running with Raised Fangs to Sting Obama

A short reply by Con George-Kotzabasis to:

Paul Krugman: It’s a Different Country

 Race has become less important in American politics, argues Krugman.

 Economist’s View, June 09,2008

In the normal circumstances of the last few years in America “racial division” may have “lost much of its sting”, to quote Krugman,  by burrowing itself in a hibernating state. But with the nomination of Obama as the Democratic candidate America is no longer in its benign state of normalcy–with the war in Iraq, with economic recession and rising unemployment–and racism will be rising from the slumbers of its hibernating habitat. As Nietzsche has said in another context, the true character of a person is revealed in critical circumstances. Likewise, the true character of a society is also exposed in critical circumstances. This is no longer the case that blacks are moving into a white neighborhood but of a black man moving into the White House. It’s this critical issue that will make the scorpion of racism to raise its fangs and sting Obama.

 My prediction is that the white backlash and its auxiliaries, the Latinos and the Asian-Americans, will squash Obama’s ambition to ensconce himself into the Oval Office. America at this stage is not ready to have a black president, especially of one who carries the arrogant public ostentatiousness and spiritual baggage of Jeremiah Wright.

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~ by kotzabasis on June 14, 2008.

One Response to “Scorpion of Racism Running with Raised Fangs to Sting Obama”

  1. Had Obama resisted using the label of black for political advantage, he could have led by virtue of his person–being multiracial (i.e., beyond the black and white dichotomy).

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