Iran’s Moderate Opposition Cannot Bring its own Political Change

By Con George-Kotzabasis

In a world that moves with a glacial tempo to be cautiously wise is a great virtue. Regrettably we don’t live in such a world but in a geopolitical one that moves with celestial speed. In a “brutal Theocracy” the ‘“internal dynamics” within a nation’ will take years to bear their fruit. And a “resort to dialogue” is unfortunately a hopeless “hope”. The EU has been doing this for years without being able to break the Iranian iceberg of intransigence.

Iran must be given an explicit warning that if it does not immediately cease its uranium enrichment it would be facing a first devastating strike with conventional weapons and if it retaliates against Israel or U.S. bases in the region, as a result of this strike, it will be facing a second strike with nuclear weapons. Only such a clear warning has a chance of replacing the Ahmadinejad regime with moderate oppositional forces.


~ by kotzabasis on December 23, 2008.

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