The Loving Concept of Liberals:’Moral Equivalence’

By Con George-Kotzabasis

Steve Clemons’ post, by adopting Brzezinski’s “both sides of the…divide…,” has all the faults of the politically, historically, and intellectually bankrupt concept of moral equivalence by expanding it into political, diplomatic, cognitive, and intellectual equivalence between the two warring sides of the Palestinian fanatical extremists and the civilized Israelis.

And how irretrievably naive is to be a fugitive from reality that geopolitics or any conflicts are anything else than a zero-sum game? Leave the kinder-garden Steve and re-read Clausewitz or Metternich! And only a permanent tourist of Disney Land could believe in the possibility of a Gandhi-esque way exercised by Palestinian moderates that would oust the fanatics of Hamas and al-Fatah and would lead to peace between Palestinians and Jews through throught the road map of moderation.  


~ by kotzabasis on April 12, 2009.

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