Political ‘Hornless’ Bulls Stampede against True Facts

By Con George-Kotzabasis

A short reply to: Hot Topic: Israel’s Nukes and Iran’s Nukes

By Steve Clemons Washington Note September 04, 2009  

Indeed, the cognitively and morally ‘hornless’ bulls of The Washington Note (TWN) are in a stampede attacking the red cloth of true facts that Nadine unfurled before their mind’s eyes. But who can assail Nadine’s indisputable facts and formidable logic encapsulated in the first two paragraphs of her first post in this thread?

The westerly civilized Israelis have never threatened with their nuclear arsenal anyone to “wipe” them “off-the-map.” It’s the fanatic millenarians of Iran who have done so! To consider Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons as an equal threat to the acquisition of the same weapons by Iran is to break the barriers of reason. To Israel these weapons are for its strategic defence to be used as a last resort. To Iran they are for its strategic offence not only to destroy Israel but also for its strategic aim to become the dominant power in the region.

And it’s amusing to see presumably serious people, like Dan Kervick, countervailing the Iranian threat with a ‘call’ to Israel to be ‘polite’ and not to have “impertinent expectations” and “utter lack of dignity,” as a non-signatory to the non-proliferation treaty, toward those nations who have signed the treaty and not  tell them “how to conduct their business.”

President Obama is confronting this threat by setting-up diplomatic-love-ins, while at least one political ‘plenipotentiary’ of TWN is expecting ‘polite conduct’ from a nation whose existence is under threat. This is laughable and monumental political infantilism, depicted from another context by king Lear’s uttering, “Nothing comes out of nothing.”


~ by kotzabasis on September 6, 2009.

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  1. I can’t stop reading. It is great!

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