Irritating Reality Rattles Obama’s Supporters

By Con George-Kotzabasis

Obama, Clemons, the liberal intelligentsia and their crowd of senseless cohorts will be placed in history’s wax museum of perfidy for their betrayal of both General Petraeus and General McChrystal, who demonstrably with their savvy strategy of the Surge turned the losing war in Iraq into victory. If the Obama administration now rejects the McChrystal recommendations and turns to seek advise from other untested experts in the field of counterinsurgency, as Secretary Clinton hinted in her interview with Margaret Warner, and dumps the two glorious generals who demonstrably, repeat, saved America from a humiliating defeat in Mesopotamia and from the ominous and dire dangers that would have risen from such a defeat for the security of America and the West, then nothing will save the Obama administration from the obloquy of historians.

In this inconceivably daft proposition of the “intelligentry,” to use the term of the British historian, Robert Conquest, for a withdrawal from Afghanistan, it shows itself to be sans political-strategic nous and moral fortitude. And if Obama reneges from his “war of necessity” and ‘stabs’ in the back the commander on the ground, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, that Obama himself appointed, he will be betraying not only his most conspicuously successful generals, i.e., Petraeus and McChrystal, but also America’s security and vital interests. Ineluctably then Obama will justifiably be a one term president if he survives, as there will be a tragic possibility looming, due to his reneging of his initial strategy in Afghanistan, not to mention other political fiascos, that the trigger will be pulled by the finger of a second Oswald.

The above ignited the following comments on The Washington Note     

 Posted by PissedOffAmerican, Sep 22 2009, 3:56PM – Link

Why would anyone comment on the “points” contained in a post that seemed to advocate, or at least condone, the assassination of President Obama, Nadine?

Tell us again how no one is going hungry in Gaza, you ignorant wretch.

You know Kotz, if you’re going to talk about spirituality, you should probably do so from something other than the skull faced devil’s grin that your posts bring to mind.

You should wallow in your celebrity, Kotz, I don’t recall Steve ever editing a post before. It can be your newfound claim to fame; being so fuckin’ rabid that even the tolerance of Steve Clemons was taken to its outermost limit.

Kotzabasis says


It was not Steve Clemons who edited my post it was his temperament of the moment.

Posted by PissedOffAmerican, Sep 22 2009, 8:45PM – Link

“It was not Steve Clemons who edited my post it was his temperament of the moment

Really? Lets put it to experiment;

Post something that stupidly satanic again, and lets see if he removes it.

Posted by kotzabasis, Sep 23 2009, 6:01AM – Link


Clemons is a realist and he knows deep down in his heart that what I said “a tragic possibility looming,” i.e., assassination, is only too real. It was only in a moment of emotional detachment from reality that he edited my post as in it I neither “advocated” nor “condoned” an assassination, as you falsely stated with the intention to ‘demonize’ what I said. Clemons, however, is wise enough, unlike you, to keep and expend his emotions in the boudoir where they can be lustfully productive and not unwisely, like you, take them and squander them on the snow covered peaks of politics.

But I understand, you in your political infancy see all kinds of bogeymen attacking you and take cover under the blanket. So now you can add another bogeyman to your attackers, my “stupidly satanic” verse on reality since you are too cowardly to face that reality.

~ by kotzabasis on November 13, 2009.

3 Responses to “Irritating Reality Rattles Obama’s Supporters”

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