Global ‘Mobilization’ against Terror: Transnational Foreign Legion

By Con George-Kotzabasis

For Whom the Bell Tolls

At the threshold of the Twentieth-first century Western civilization as a cultural political and economic formation encounters an elemental danger emanating from a Muslim brotherhood of religious fanatics, supported openly and covertly by a league of theocratic-rogue states, who use the ultimate means of terror, i.e., suicide bombers clad in civilian raiment against the infidels of the West. This great danger will not be neutered or eliminated by opening a dialogue, as is the naïve wont of the Obama administration, with such vehement implacable irreconcilable enemies of the West and its dominant power America, but can only be settled in the field of battle by the decisive defeat of these religious fanatics.

It’s the ultimate nonsense to believe, as President Obama does, that there could be “mutual interests” between the United States-European Union and these theocratic-rogue states on the basis of which an open door policy of diplomacy would be the most effective instrument to extinguish the present bellicosity between them. The knock on any door diplomacy of the Obama administration has crashed at its first experimental flight. Neither the gentle style of Obama nor his mournful penance speech in Cairo replete with mea culpas of past American actions and ‘sins’, were able to persuade either Iran or Syria or the PLO or the Taliban to take their seats at the diplomatic table. This resounding deafness of the enemies of the U.S.–excluding the PLO– to the ‘reasoning’ calls of the Obama administration to substitute diplomacy for an escalating belligerence between the opposing parties, shows clearly how doltishly unreasonable and futile has been President Obama’s overture to diplomacy toward recalcitrant and irreconcilable enemies. It is quite obvious by now that the burning issues between the belligerents are not going to be resolved on the part of the United States by soft power diplomats bearing olive branches but by hard power diplomats “rattling their sabres”. And in case this bellicose diplomacy also fails then the  issues will ultimately have to be settled by the United States and its allies by unsheathing the sword.


Setting Up an Anti-Terrorist Foreign Legion

The menace of Islamist terror is moving like a migratory bird across the continents to find suitable safe havens in which to propagate and train its deadly species and from which it can launch its destroying operations against the infidel west. It is for this reason that the war on terror cannot be localized and must be fought on a transnational terrain. And as we have witnessed with the defeat of al-Qaeda in Iraq, jihadists who survived the lethal attacks of U.S. Special Forces, under the command of General McChrystal, and of the Marines, moved into Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen and increased the local ranks of the jihadists in those countries and brought to them the knowledge and deadly methods of how to kill Americans, infidels, and their Muslim collaborators. And the latest news are that jihadists from Afghanistan have moved into Somalia and the lethal attack on a Mosque in Mogadishu few days ago that killed and injured close to a hundred civilians is being attributed to them.

To counter and to clip the wings of this migratory deadly bird it is necessary that a conglomeration of worldwide powers, that would include Russia, China, and Japan, should come to an agreement to set up a global anti-terrorist foreign legion that would operate trans-nationally covertly and overtly in all areas where jihadists are trained, nourished, and engaged in fighting. The rationale for setting up such an anti-terrorist international entity is based on a strategy that clearly recognizes that since terror operates in a world without borders and trespasses the sovereignty of nations, the forces that are countering terror must also operate on the same principle. In such conditions to uphold the precept of national sovereignty axiomatically, especially when the particular nation is either unwilling or militarily incapable to prevent the incursion of terrorists in its own territory and stopping them from using it as a safe haven, is to severely disadvantage militarily the nations which are fighting terrorists and to prolong the conflict at the expense of higher civilian and military casualties.

Moreover, since Islamic terror threatens the economic stability of the world and the prosperity of its people, the burden of fighting it should fall on its Atlas’s world shoulders and not solely on the shoulders of the United States. Hence by the logic of the situation it must be a multilateral reaction by all the nations of the world that are under this menacing threat. Further, it will inflict a serious blow to the jihadist propaganda that the United States is anti-Muslim and will irreversibly deprive al-Qaeda and its sundry affiliates of this false claim that has become a roll call for recruiting Muslims into their ranks, since now the whole world will be fighting and killing the holy warriors of Islam and not only America. This in itself will gravely damage the ability of al-Qaeda to attract future terrorists from Muslim countries and the Diaspora to join it as it will discourage young Muslims to become terrorists seen that the whole world is hostile toward Muslim terror and is being mobilized to fight it. Also, the prowess of the foreign legionnaires, along with other state forces of American, British, Australian, and European, will erode the potency of the jihadists to actuate successful operations with the great possibility that such a series of failures in their terrorist actions will implant great doubts among them that they are implementing the wishes of Allah. It is precisely in this, once the terrorist fanatics are ‘bedded’ on the Procrustean bed of measured failures, that the decisive defeat of the jihadists lays.  As terrorists lose their faith that Allah is on their side they will be sided-out from the ranks of al-Qaeda, and all radical imams will be emasculated of their spiritual ability to be the incubators of jihadist terror.


Whose Task is to Train and Lead the Foreign Legionnaires?

Like in all difficult tasks, the training and leading the foreign legionnaires must be assigned to the best experts in the field. And beyond any doubt the countries that are deemed to have such experts in the art of Mars are the United States, Russia, Israel, Britain, France, and Australia. It is from these countries that the technical and military leadership of the Foreign Legion should sally forth. But the lower echelons that will form the Legion will come from all over the world excluding only Muslim countries and not delimited to the above named countries. There is a huge reserve of young armed forces veterans and adventurers of all types, as the private security personnel deployed both in Iraq and Afghanistan demonstrate, that will be willing and eager to join such a high powered elite military world-unit whose tasks and high pay for their accomplishment would be enormously attractive to people of picaresque swashbuckling temperament and the world prestige that their successful overt and clandestine operations against formidable enemies will confer upon them.

Moreover, since the formation of the Foreign Legion will be composed of multi-colored personnel it will easily brush off the racist strictures and condemnation of its hostile critics and its Islamic foes that it is a white imperialist venture and attack upon all those who have no Caucasian pigmentation. Also, the ingress of this multi-colored force in countries, where the jihadists are using them as safe havens or are attempting to overthrow their less than stable fledgling governments, as currently happening both in Somalia and Yemen, for the purpose of capturing or eliminating the jihadists, will be seen by the local population more favourably and not as an American or British occupation, as they tended to view it in Iraq and as they presently view it in Afghanistan. If it will still be seen by the locals as a foreign occupation of their land it will come under the colors of a “United Nations” one and not of the “hated” Americans. And once it becomes clear to the local population that the aim of the occupying force is to defeat and expunge the jihadists from their midst, such an “occupation” might be more tolerant and agreeable to the local inhabitants, especially when its necessity will be perceived by them of having no other goal than their security and the restoration to their country of a safe and normal life.


Strategic Advantages

The formation of the Foreign Legion will bring a cascade of political and strategic advantages to the countries of the world that are fighting the holy warriors of Islam in this stealthy war of terror. In the political arena, by ‘mobilizing’ the world against fanatic terror it will eliminate any misconceptions about the seriousness of the terrorist threat that some people may still have. And by showing the determination of their political leaders to protect their peoples by all savvy means, including that of a force of international condottieri that will be decisive to the defeat of the jihadists on a global scale, it will rally the people behind them. Further, it will lighten the burden of those countries such as the U.S., the UK, and Australia that carry at this moment the major weight of the war–that has provoked an anti-war sentiment in their own countries that serves willy-nilly the interests of the enemy as it has done in the past in Vietnam–by shifting it on more shoulders and hence making it an international serving duty.

In the strategic arena, by being able to operate on a transnational legitimate base without national sovereignty restrictions been placed upon its military movements, it will be able to deploy its lethal forces swiftly in all areas of this borderless war in search and destroy operations and it will deprive the jihadists of safe havens and cripple their tendency to move from countries where they have been defeated– as it happened in Iraq when many of the foreign jihadists who survived the Petraeus Surge moved to Afghanistan and Pakistan–to other countries, such as Somalia, Yemen, and Morocco, to continue their fight against the infidels and the regimes that collaborate with the latter. Moreover, it will have a decisive impact upon the whole psychological structure of terrorism which is pivotal to attracting young Muslims to its cause. Since by making it more difficult, and indeed, preventing, jihadists from entering other Muslim or semi-Muslim countries, such as Nigeria, to foment jihad and by their mere presence in those countries to recruit locals in their ranks, it will turn off the tap of recruitment and hence their ability to launch large successful operations against the non-believers.

Hence the Foreign Legion by chasing the jihadists wherever they are, in the East or the West,  and depriving them of their potency to succeed in their actions, will inflict a devastating blow both to the recruiting grounds of terror, i.e., to the Madrasas and Mosques, and in the field of battle, where the issue will be decided. And the paucity of martyrs and their eventual unavailability will make the seventy-two virgins to keep everlastingly their chastity.

I rest on my oars: Your turn now                            







~ by kotzabasis on May 14, 2010.

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