False Realists Onlookers to Atrocities of Brutal Iranian Regime

By Con George-Kotzabasis

It’s very sad to see Steve Clemons making a mockery of his own facts. He states in one of his previous posts   “those who are being brutalized and risking everything to challenge Ahmadinejad and his thugs deserve our respect and our nuanced (M.E.) support.” While Iranians in substantial numbers are opposing a “military dictatorship,” that Clemons himself acknowledges as being so, for whom is an existential issue, for Clemons apparently is an issue of intellectually splitting hairs by his use of the words “respect” and “nuanced.” Ostensibly he is doing this as a ‘political realist’ who needs to see reality through always ‘nuanced’ binoculars. His fatal error is that by using these binoculars in all circumstances he blows up his political realism to smithereens by not realizing that in a situation where people are engaged in an existential struggle, they do not need “respect” and “nuanced support” but clear open sans nuance unequivocal support.

False realists of this sort, President Obama being one of them on this issue, by refusing to take an unambiguous and strong stand in support of the modernist forces of Iran, become willy-nilly onlookers to the atrocities committed by the mullohcracy that in the process of fighting for its survival suppresses the peaceful democratic dissent against it by the most nefarious and brutal means.

~ by kotzabasis on January 30, 2011.

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