Obama’s Continuation of Stupidity by All Means

By Con George-Kotzabasis

Clemons is desperately trying to find support for his stupidity Obama “gets it right” on the building of the mosque on Ground Zero by ironically compounding this stupidity by adding the gargantuan dopiness of Norquist on the pro-mosque argument. Norquist refers to a resolution passed by Republicans in 2000 which was prior to the murderous event of 9/11 without realizing how different such a resolution would look among these same Republicans after that ominous attack in the heart of America. He is also astonishingly blind to the negative reaction of 70% of Americans in regard to the building of the mosque in the vicinity of the sacred ground of Manhattan. But the crowning of this stupidity is his statement that Republicans would lose Jewish votes on this issue. It is like saying, as someone remarked that if the Democrats had a Hitler as candidate the Jews would not vote for the Republicans.  This is a theatrical performance of the absurd that only an impresario of Clemons qualities could stage on Broadway.

The issue is not about “legal rights,” but whether a religion that irreversibly hates and reviles the values of Western civilization, and whose radical jihadists have declared a war on the latter, should have the right to build a mosque on the sacred ground of this civilization that has spilt its blood as a result of the murderous attack of the Islamists in Manhattan.

This is on the part of Obama, which includes his subsequent nuanced retraction of his original statement,   and all those who support him on this issue, like Zakaria, Clemons, and Norquist, not to mention others, the continuation of stupidity by all means.        

~ by kotzabasis on March 27, 2011.

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