The Concentrated Power of Teaching Unions an Obstacle to Good Teaching

By Con George-Kotzabasis

Only Sun Kings have absolute power and the teacher unions are not sun kings! But they do have enough power to keep intact the status quo of the postmodernist and PC superstructures that they have built on the edifice of the educational system that prevent the development of curricula founded on reason that would attract people with merit to enter the teaching profession. And because of the up till now mediocre curricula, that are especially extant in government schools, these in turn attract a garden variety of people to enter the profession, and even these in inadequate numbers, and hence a shortage of teachers that in turn generates a higher pupil-teacher ratio, increased teaching loads, and low paid salaries. Since people with mediocre abilities enter the profession and teach in government schools they are “satisfied” with what the unions can get for them salary-and condition-wise in this intellectually “undernourished” sector.

 It’s this concentrated power of the teaching unions in government schools that Julia Gillard has to overthrow if her “education revolution” will have a chance to take off.


~ by kotzabasis on May 2, 2011.

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