The Necessity of Knowing the Enemy to Prevent Catastrophe

 By Con George-Kotzabasis

In the interminable crises and conflicts that is the natural order of the world it’s necessary to “know thy enemy” in advance if one is to abort timely the birth of these conflicts from arising in all their ugly features. This website is committed to the goal of preventing and resolving impending great dangers. To fulfill this goal, however, depends on our strong desire and willingness to remove our belongings, to paraphrase the Great Russian writer, Vladimir Nabokov, from the premises of ideology. The latter in its tendentiousness ‘discolors’ the multiple and variable colors of reality, and its sundry nuances, and places it in its ideological dogmatic monochromatic mold. Ideological convictions have no ‘civil rights’ on this website that searches for the truth since unlike omniscient ideology we do not possess truth.

It’s on this objective search and its data that we will be writing our essays and recommendations and will be passing them to the heads of governments that have the wherewithal to nip-in-the-bud the dangers of our epoch. To timely stop the “soundless” hoofing of The Four “Flying”(9/11) Horsemen Of The Apocalypse who with scimitars in their hands ‘loaded’ with weapons of mass destruction, and indeed, soon with nuclear ones, provided with the compliments of President Ahmadinejad.  





~ by kotzabasis on June 23, 2011.

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  1. Make sure that this blog will always exist.

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