Paul Krugman Plays his Dirty Politics at the Expence of the Economic Crisis

I’m republishing this short piece that exposes the malevolence  some critics had about the Bush administration.

By Con George-Kotzabasis—October, 2008

The eminent economist and crown prince of punditry of the New York Times Paul Krugman laments that we are “entering a period of severe crisis with weak and confused leadership.” And I would respond that the people in the media like himself should be warning us about the economic abyss we are facing instead of being out playing their dirty politics. Only few moments after the speech of President Bush warning Americans of the imminent perils of the economy and of the absolute necessity for Congress to pass the legislation immediately, as time was a crucial factor for the success of the plan-with which Krugman himself agrees-what Krugman did? He ingloriously tried to associate the speech of Bush with the so called lies of the war in Iraq. Thus like so many other weak commentators widening the credibility gap that was already extant between the President and many Americans and confusing the latter about the veracity of Bush about the economic crisis, when Krugman himself knew that what the president was saying was the absolute truth.

Tu ne cede malis

~ by kotzabasis on November 3, 2011.

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  1. I have learnt a lot due to this blog.

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