In Geopolitics Left and Right are Meaningless Terms

The following was written just prior the election of Netanyahu as prime minister of Israel.

By Con George-Kotzabasis

“Israel moves to the right” but the winner might be the ‘left,’ with Tzipi Livni as Prime Minister, claims a liberal commentator. But paradoxically, she will have to adopt and implement the hard policies of the right against Hamas and Hezbollah and their political maestro Iran since they are at the present moment and the foreseeable future the only politically and strategically viable policies for the survival of Israel. Moreover, this confluence of right and left policies during the critical circumstances that the country is going through, illustrates what unrelieved nonsense is to depict a government that is involved in crucial actions as right or left when the irreducible conditions of the geopolitics of survival refuse to be laid either on the right or left of a Procrustean bed.

So only in appearance Israel’s newly formed government either under Netanyahu or Livni will be “fragile” and “weak” as in actuality it will be a strong government, since, by adopting and implementing astutely–in all its military, political, and diplomatic nuances—the deep and existential concerns and wishes of the majority of Israelis, it will have the solid support of the latter.

~ by kotzabasis on March 27, 2012.

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