In Dangerous Situations Politicians Must be like Chameleons

By Con George-Kotzabasis

In crisis conditions with ever diminishing political and economic options, no politician worth his salt would lock himself in a position that would deprive him of the resiliency and elbow room to move from an untenable situation. For this reason, it is a gross political error on the part of Mr Kouvelis, the leader of the Democratic Left in Greece, to reject in advance any new form of a “labour reserve” formulated by the Finance Ministry, on the basis that the previous one, as articulated by the Pasok government, failed abjectly. More importantly when no other options are available to reach the “magic” number of 11.5 billion which is the sine qua non for re-negotiating the Memorandum that is so critical for the survival of Greece.

In dangerous situations for their countries, politicians must be like “chameleons” that must not lose their ability to change colour if they are to survive. For the sake of Greece Mr Kouvelis must also not lose the ability to change colour.

~ by kotzabasis on September 3, 2012.

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