Thoughtless Attack on New Democracy by Press Secretary of Pasok

By Con George-Kotzabasis September 20, 2012

The criticism of Antonis Samaras by the press secretary of Pasok, Poppy Genimatas, was politically inapt and grossly inept. At a time when the members of the Socialist Party are already in the trenches to give the great fight to save Greece from the unprecedented crisis, they have found it appropriate to wet their pants? Also, the rambling of its parliamentary representative, Mr Sahinidis, on Mega TV, to justify the unjustifiable attack on the Minister of Finance Stournaras and the Government, in regard to the purportedly inadequate information passed to the relevant representatives of Pasok by the minister that are part of the tri-partite government, is capricious and lacks political substance.

It was Pasok which promulgated the necessity of uniting all political parties in an effort of national salvation to pull Greece out of the crisis. If in this effort New Democracy presumably handles the negotiations with the Eurozone better than did Pasok, the latter should be glad instead of being peevish and petulant, since the results issuing from these negotiations would be totally for the benefit of Greece and not for the benefit of any political party.

~ by kotzabasis on September 20, 2012.

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