Professor Varoufakis’s Obsession to Blacken Greece

By Con George-Kotzabasis


And a reply from the Professor to my criticism. Note that he claims, his life and his family’s are threatened by “certain mafiosi,” without however adducing any evidence for such a threat. His family actually resides in Australia. Will the “black hand” of this mafiosi reach as far as Australia? This is not to say that there might not be organised “hit-men” connected to business  interests but to aver and insinuate, as the professor does, that they are the armed-squads of the political establishment, and by implication are connected with the Samaras’s government, is not only a malevolent fiction but also intellectually unethical. 


Professor Varoufakis, you are spuriously using the so-called “Bankruptocracy in the Greek sector of Bailoutistan” and the populist appellation of “Cleptocracy,” to the obviously current “political establishment,” as the motivation of an‘assassin’ who readies himself to plunge a knife at the back of the Samaras’ administration.

Why this obsession of yours to blacken and calumniate the achievements of the government in extracting from the Troika in the most difficult negotiations the prerequisites that will potentially pull Greece out of the crisis by the sterling performance of Yanis Stournaras under the strong leadership of Antonis Samaras? Why, like an ostrich you put your head in the sand and don’t see the positive assessments   both of European Commissioners and politicians as well as institutions, such as Moodys, of the benign prospect that Greece by the end of 2014 will be on the trajectory of economic development? Why you don’t make a ‘peep’ about this great prospect that Greece has more than a chance to overcome its stupendous economic difficulties in the near future and thus fulfil the hopes of the people that are free from the dire prophesies of pessimistic academics and from the lachrymose political stand of Syriza and the Independent Greeks?

Lastly, your last sentence, to say the least, is sinister and nefarious. It attempts and has the aim to confuse European taxpayers that their money goes to “the Greek sector of “Bailoutistan” and not for saving the country from imminent bankruptcy. You must be proud of your rust-made performance.

Professor Varoufakis says,

Dear Kotzabasis,

I have enjoyed, till now, your quaint defence of your dearest Samaras, Howard, et al, for a simple reason: I do not trust my own ideology as a Left Winger. However, when you seem utterly unperturbed by clear evidence of mafia-like behaviour by those whom you have aligned with, and you respond by essentially defending them, you are stating that you are no longer a fit and proper person to be in communication with me. Until and unless you recant, and express solidarity with those of us (Vaxevanis and myself, for example) whose lives and families are threatened by certain mafiosi, you are banned from this blog. Good riddance Sir.



~ by kotzabasis on April 27, 2013.

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