Terrorism:The Killing is High but the Price is Cheap

In a world of belligerent deadly religious fanaticism only the morally strong and those endowed with reason and the use of the arsenal of reason can indulge in hope.

By Con George-Kotzabasis

A reply to: Drones: the killing is cheap but the price is high by Waleed Aly

The Age May 31, 2013

The crypto radical Islamist Waleed Aly, wrapped up in the prestigious garb of Academe, is once again showing his true colours as an apologist and ‘secret agent’ of Islamist terror in his article in The Age, this time under the ‘clever’ cover of the flying “armed drones” which so cheaply and so immorally, according to him, are killing not only terrorists but also in higher numbers, civilians. He also claims, that to Americans, and by implication to Western countries involved in the war against terror, the price of the war is cheap as their Islamist opponents cannot kill drones nor those who man them thus making war “a kind of no-risk, low-cost warfare” for those who use them. He further argues, that “war is a kind of contract. Each side confronts the other, with the risk of death and defeat…that contract is shredded when you are attacked by something that cannot itself be killed. It’s not remotely a fair (M.E.) fight.” But he does not comprehend that war is always an unequal contract between combatants, and there are not mutual benefits and costs to be shared between them as in a normal business contract; nor ever is war a “fair fight,” as there is always an asymmetry of military power, technological and scientific prowess and strategic ruse and moral endurance among fighting opponents that ultimate decides who are the winners and losers.

Further he compounds the superficiality of his position in matters of war by his inability to perceive that the use of drones is not only for the purpose of killing not easily accessible terrorists of high rank, who, moreover, deliberately hide among civilians and are therefore morally responsible for the collateral killing of the latter, but also as a complementary effective instrument in the global war against Islamist terror and of its great potential in bringing its end sooner and before the terrorists acquire more devastating weapons that would kill civilians in America and the West in hundreds of thousands.

Moreover, war being the ultimate sacrifice, one does not go into it because of “low costs” or “on a whim,” as Aly argues, but only as an absolute necessity, when a nation and its civilians are threatened, in the near future, with total obliteration by an indefatigable and irreconcilable religious fanatic enemy, who is being in the process of implementing Allah’s Agenda with its strategic goal of destroying or enslaving the lands of the infidels and establishing the Caliphate of God. In such ominous circumstances it would be laughable to say that one would wage war “on a whim.”

Lastly, Aly lacks the imagination to consider that suicide bombers are the ‘poor science’s drones and like the latter they are invulnerable to killing by their enemy. Who can kill the suicide bomber other than himself? Who can identify in time someone who is prepared to commit religious harakiri and prevent it unless one can monitor one’s intentions and actions in a split second? And indubitably the suicide bomber can kill a much greater number of civilians than a drone, not only because it is easier to kill civilians than military personnel, but also because on philosophical ideological and strategic reasons he/she mainly targets civilians (Is this a “remotely fair fight”) in contrast to military strategists who target high echelon terrorists and kill civilians only accidentally and mainly as a result that terrorists are hiding among them. Thus in real numbers it is for the terrorist that the “killing is high but the price is cheap” as a hugely disproportionate number of civilians are killed in comparison to suicide bombers. But as in the past, Walled Aly as a camouflaged radical Islamist, dissimulates and refuses to reveal this reality that is against his creed.


~ by kotzabasis on June 11, 2013.

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