Laurel and Hardy Protagonists in Comedy of Saving ERT at the Price of Destroying Greece

If the Prime Minister Of Greece is a madman wanting elections will his two partners in Government Venizelos and Kouvelis also voluntarily wear the straitjacket and join him in madness instead as sane men preventing the election by a reasonable compromise on their part and thus save Greece from catastrophe?

By Con George-Kotzabasis—June 19, 2013

The leaders of Pasok and the Democratic Left (Demar) Venizelos and Kouvelis will go down in Modern Greek history as the comedians Laurel and Hardy (in Greek o hondros kee o lignos) who in their stolid persistence and politically wrong and unimaginative stand to save the wasteful and non-transparent public broadcaster ERT, were willing and determined to accomplish this great feat by destroying Greece. Never in the annals of Greek history will one find politicians who were prepared to sacrifice, to use a metaphor, Acropolis on the altar of a hovel. This would have been exactly the result of the doltish populist stunt of Venizelos and Kouvelis to save ERT if Andonis Samaras with the extraordinary resiliency characteristic of a statesman had not provided speedily a compromise that prevented the fall of his government and the transportation of Greece by the Charon Tsipras, the leader of Syriza, into hades, since the likely outcome of a new election would bring Tsipras into power whose untenable, puerile, and  wild policies would ruin the country for at least a generation. The major points of the compromise are: (a) the immediate formation of a governing committee that would preside over the prompt re-opening of a temporary ERT until a new TV-Radio public broadcaster is set up operating with fewer numbers of employees. (b) The appointment of a special minister chosen either by Pasok or Demar, or by both, for the setting up of the new public broadcaster. (c) The adoption of processes that would ameliorate the coordination of the three parties regarding political agreements and their implementation. (d) The reshuffling of his Ministry in the beginning of July and the appointment of new people into ministerial positions coming from the three parties. These points of compromise fall into the order-baskets of Pasok and Demar and presumably will defuse the detonating atmosphere that has been created by their demands that could blow up the Coalition Government.

In one year, the Samaras government in a bout of sagacious and bold policies, that were regrettably and inevitably painful to the Greek people, was able to put Greece on the trajectory of economic development as all top European politicians and technocrats, serious economic commentators acknowledged and rating agencies such as Standard Poor’s and Finch favourably appraised, that Greece by the end of 2014 would have a positive growth in GDP. Interestingly, this assessment was also acknowledged by the two partners in the coalition government, Pasok and Demar, which clearly indicated that the policies of the Samaras government were on the right track and pulling Greece slowly but surely out of the crisis and therefore were supported by the two parties up to the hilt. Thus their prudent and brave decision on June 2012 to support and be part of a government of the centre right, with the aim to save Greece from a dire and horrendous bankruptcy that would have plunged the people into an abject and perishing poverty for decades, was paying off, as the saving of Greece would lead its people to applaud and glorify Pasok and Demar for their political nous to participate in this historical task, with the corollary that this great achievement would shoot the electoral prospects of the parties to the sky.

But tragically, or rather farcically, Venizelos and Kouvelis in their politically infantile support of the administratively corrupt and opaque ERT and in their prevention and vetoing of Samaras, in his attempt to cleanse the Aegean Stables of the public broadcaster, in the name of inveterate democratic institutions– as if the closure of ERT was unconstitutional and an act of authoritarianism by the Samaras government—are threatening the cohesion of the fragile tripartite coalition and thus by leading to its fracture will be sweeping away, by an action of unprecedented stupidity, all the achievements that have the great potential of pulling the country out of the crisis. And as I said in a previous article few days ago, the fall of the Samaras government instigated by this foolish stand of Venizelos and Kouvelis would not only lead to the electoral destruction of their parties, but also, to the destruction of Greece. As new elections would elevate the extreme left Opposition Party Syriza into power whose antediluvian votaries of Marxism under the leadership of Tsipras will be configuring the historically discredited policies of socialism that in their final knock will be opening the doors to totalitarianism. This will be the ignominious political legacy of Pasok and Demar if their leaders continue to persist in their fatuous demand about ERT that could bring the fall of the Samaras government and its catastrophic consequences.

Venizelos and Kouvelis with a remarkable twist in logic are blaming Samaras for creating the crisis in the tripartite government and claim that the incandescent speech of the latter at Nauplio—which obviously burned to ashes the arguments of the protagonists of ERT—that exposed the administrative rottenness of ERT and criticized severely its two intransigent supporters without naming them,  also propagated sotto voce and implied the possibility of new elections that nobody wants other than Syriza and accuse him that he would be solely responsible for placing  the country to this extreme danger. This accusation is however ludicrous, because, if Samaras led the country to the polls, first, he would fulfil the wishes of Syriza, and second, he would commit himself political harakiri. Moreover, if this accusation was true, as a result of Samaras’ lapse into uncharacteristic stupidity, then the responsibility would fall on Venizelos and Kouvelis to exercise their statesmanship and make the necessary compromises toward the Samaras government and avoid a poll that would be so dangerous to the country. Such is the stuff and tasks of statesmanship; but it is beyond the vision and competence of Laurel and Hardy leadership.


~ by kotzabasis on June 19, 2013.

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