The Troubles of Obama have their Source not in his Advisors but in Himself

By Con George-Kotzabasis

Clemons risen from his tub, after a nightmarish nap about the happenings of the White House, lit Diogenes lamp and stepped out in the full daylight searching desperately for the man, the “true” Obama, who would perform the “strategic leaps” and forswear the “incrementalist policy paths” of failure, when already under the brightness of the sun Obama has been shown to be a political novitiate sans political acumen, sans imagination, and a weak and timorous character to boot. To expect such a person, as Clemons does, to take bold steps and make strategic leaps, is to remarkably indulge in an exercise of Fata Morgana. The trouble for Obama does not lie in the method he is using to implement his policies, i.e., incrementalist or leaping, but in the wrongness of these policies in themselves. Already he has made some “strategic leaps” with his open door diplomacy toward Iran only to fall and break the backbone of this ‘olive branch’ diplomacy in the abyss of mullahcratic intransigence, as well as in his “strategic” attempt to change the ‘narrative’ of global terror by so called ‘smart policies’, ‘soft power’, and apologies to the aggrieved that would change the views and conduct of the fanatical enemies of America toward it.

It is the combination of crafting wrong fallacious policies in domestic and foreign affairs primarily and the “knife throwing” ethos of Chicago politics, as embodied in Rahm Emanuel that is sinking the Obama presidency and not the strong grip his four advisors, namely, Axelrod, Emanuel, Jarret, and Gilps, have upon Obama. It is in his personal ‘portfolio’ that the problem is couched. His egregious lack of CEO skills, as another commentator above suggests, his lack of experience and character which are completely out of sync with the position of a chief executive with the stupendous demands in insight, imagination, decisiveness, and fortitude that Obama does not possess that make him a ditto Carteresque effete president and therefore politically dispensable.

Hence the problem cannot be resolved, as Clemons erroneously believes, by replacing some of his advisors but only by replacing Obama himself from the presidency by the end of the three long years ahead. But the liberals loath to admit where the solution lies as they will have to ‘lock’ themselves for their intellectual offense of electing Obama in a ‘sing-sing’ in a resounding choir of mea culpas. As I’ve said a year ago, more than half of America elected as president a lemon as a result of their pathological hate for The Bush-Cheney administration and by association the GPO. Now they are reaping the winds of that fateful sickly stupid decision. The lemon is in the process of being squeezed out, but the danger lies that by the end of this process America might be squeezed out of its own strength.           

~ by kotzabasis on March 28, 2010.

5 Responses to “The Troubles of Obama have their Source not in his Advisors but in Himself”

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